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Subject: Sailing with helmets - awesome talk FRIDAY
(Posted on Nov 29, 2017 at 07:51PM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
Well, not everyone you meet wears a helmet to go sailing, but we've got one such person on site this Friday evening for an off season talk.  Kim Alfreds' father founded the original JIB SET that spawned into national training programs (CYA now Sail Canada) and licensed beyond to become the American Sailing Association.   

This talk will look at the original F33 Cheekee Monkee and some of those adventures while looking ahead to the new F45RC Cheekee Monkee destined for our harbour in 2018 (after a few miles sailing from the Philippines).

We're told standing room only is fine - and it's not too long, so come on by and get a dose of multihull magic from someone who was putting foils on boats before any locals (and even the boat designer) thought it could be done. 

flying phantom at COW BAY

This talk is priced for sailors... just like the wind, it's FREE!

 flying phantom

Don't miss this one... should be lots of fun!

Subject: 3 great Friday evenings ahead
(Posted on Nov 20, 2017 at 05:43PM by Samantha Jackson) Tags:
Three great evenings on the near horizon for all you sailing enthusiasts who need your off season dose of sailing excitement.

BC Sports Hall of Fame Inductee for Sailing - designer, coach, builder DON MARTIN is here this friday following up on yacht design - ranging from his own boats to cutting legendary boats in half to enhance their performance.  We always love having Don on site and 6.30 this Friday you can get your chance.

Donald martin

Next Friday, December 1, we have Kim Alfreds here with a multihull perspective as he looks back at his legenday trimaran CHEEKEE MONKEE and ahead to the all carbon catamaran bearing the same name.   

cheekee monk

The following friday it's the holiday party at Kitsilano Yacht Club.


Catch one or all... they will be three awesome evenings!
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