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Subject: COMMUNITY: helping eachother
(Posted on Jul 29, 2016 at 10:54AM by Colin Jackson)

Ask anyone who's done a big adventure and they will always credit the people who helped get them there. We've been uniquely positioned with a collection of boats, instructors and a compulsively helpful shore and dock crew.


It all comes together to become great experiences mostly because of the people who plug in to this community.


Recently, we had one of our fleet owners, Allen,  go around Vancouver Island offering a jump on / jump off experience for members to plug in and experience the beauty of that region.  His role aboard is as a mentor, helping others move forward and become more comfortable with a modern boat in a more remote region. 

van isle

Another member, Ryan, who intends to become an instructor, took it upon himself to spend many Thursday afternoons mentoring new people.  Watching what they are doing and getting them feedback and a path to future success… the mentoring sails have been delightful for all. 


At the heart of these new opportunities are our clubs - the JIB SET for affordable day sailing and the CREW CLUB for cruising adventures together. 


Talking with participants, the club happens to solve three common problems:


1) NEED MORE BOATING FRIENDS ~ You may simply not have people to get on the water with.  Your current group of friends and family may not be boating enthusiasts (they may simply be "boating polite".  That's okay, they are probably still nice people.  We happen to collect nice people who ARE PASSIONATE about exploring by boat. 


2) A NURTURING ENVIRONMENT ~ We have a paradox whereby the boats are becoming more complex and require more training to gain comfort with, but people have less time to devote to training.  If you can't drop the rest of your life to immerse yourself in the marine environment, why not join someone saltier than you in an environment where you don't initially need to take charge of the boat?   NEW PLAN: become a part time "old salt"


3) CHARTER RISK ~ We've watched it over and over - you book a boat, your friends jam out and then you have a really expensive vacation taking on the cost without them.   Our program has less jam outs (we start with PASSIONATE boating fanatics) and we pick the boats after we know how many people we have? 







(EASTER IS OUR FAVOURITE - kids of all ages!!)




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