COOPER BOATING news ~ latest information about boating in BC
(Posted on Oct 17, 2012 at 04:09PM by Colin Jackson)
celebrate the SIMPLE PLEASURES - great food, great cruising and great people as we wrap up the 2012 flotilla lineup with what has been, at times, our largest event (why we may never know!)

YOUR GROUP our OURS?  - if you have a group, charter one of our boats or bring your own - if you don't, we are rolling out our new CREW membership and you can experience your first event as a trial member of our club - only $349 per person for this great 3 day, 3 night event

so far, we have 4 vessels confirmed - SHADOWFAX V, PRINCESS PATRICIA, CORENIA and GENA II (formerly ARISTA)

a few more details here

Subject: 3 one of a kind vessels added to the fleet today
(Posted on Apr 1, 2012 at 09:45AM by Colin Jackson)
if LIFE is like a BOX of CHOCOLATES, then it is time to CRUISE LIKE GUMP  

we're very pleased to add the world famous JENNY to the fleet - made famous in the movie FORREST GUMP - you too can be a shrimp boat captain on your summer charter cruise
NOT the right flavour? how about our THREE LITTLE PIGS edition sailboat meant to take that annoying new boat resin smell out of the experience?

perhaps you can't decide between a cruise and a big road trip?  our boat/car option might be just for you

act now and we'll ensure you have a lifetime supply of powdered lemonade from the large stash in NORTH VANCOUVER - seen last night on our VANCOUVER HARBOUR CRUISE! (limited to what you can get aboard your vessel)

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