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Subject: GENNY & JENY ~ not to be confused with JENNY
(Posted on Mar 28, 2014 at 10:04AM by Colin Jackson)
just to make it interesting - we have a new JENY - not to be confused GENNY

'new JENY' prefers that to JENY #2, & the other prefers GENNY #1 to 'OLD GENNY'

we would also like to welcome HOWARD, JENNY (not to be confused with GENNY or JENY) & CALLUM to the dock crew & LEANNE TIM ashore in the office… if your name is TIM & you are looking for work, contact us soon so we can be even more confused around here  

all of us want you to have great boating adventures this season

perhaps you have seen JENY before? - here she is cruising across one of our web sites:

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