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(Posted on Jun 17, 2014 at 02:07PM )
Day one - notes from the crew on INTREPID IV

On Intrepid IV, the crew was up around 0645 this morning.  The sky was grey, but the wind was building. 

After breakfast and fueling on the way out of the harbour, we passed close enough to Corus, the lead boat which was moored near the fuel dock, to snatch two Dreamspeaker Guides -- "The Broughtons" and "Desolation Sound and the Discovery Islands"-- from Laurence's outstretched hand as we passed.

By 1000 hours the Cooper Flotilla boats, both power and sail were pulling out of the harbor one by one. As soon as we were clear of land, Intrepid raised sail and we tacked north and west. Our course took us between Harwood Island and the mainland, then south of Savary Island.  

There had been talk of passing north of the Island and even of stopping for lunch, but with wind on the nose and clear water to west it was decided best to skip the diversions in order to make our destination around 1800.  At the rate, we had better press on.

By noon the skies turned blue and the wind held steady at ten to twenty knots until mid-afternoon. After some shifting winds, they built enough from the northwest that we were forced to reef the genoa. As I write this, we are on the final tack to make Rebecca Spit where we will join the others and anchor, then go ashore for a barbecue.

The anchorage is well sheltered with good holding and we got a good set first try.  Around 2000 hours, after lowering the dinghy and figuring out the outboard's quirks, we motored ashore to meet the others who already had a roaring fire going in the pit.  When it died down, the food was placed on the grill and we visited until dusk.
About half the entire group of thirty showed up for the informal shore supper, the others having elected to eat aboard and go to bed early after a full first day on the water.
The Park closes at 2200, and we were back on our boats by 2230.   By then the breeze had died to nothing and we spent a quiet night at anchor.

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