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Subject: FORT LAUDERDALE BOAT SHOW: survival guide
(Posted on Nov 8, 2015 at 04:27PM by Colin Jackson)
WOW!  If you've been struggling on that decision between your Falcon jet, a new exotic car, or adding a hundred feet of boat to your inventory, well FORT LAUDERDALE INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW was the place to be 'efficient with all your choices'. Grab your entourage & have some fun. 


While touring the various superyachts, it was clear that CIRCLES are back in.   Why do stripes when you can add circles down the side of your boat?


This one has overlapping circles - very CHIC!


Speaking of CIRCLES, bring your wheels right to the dock.  That way the shipwrights can figure out how to match the paint on your various rides, or find a boat big enough to roll the wheels right aboard.   You'll note this little 'tub' just didn't match up with the ride. 

lights camera action

Speaking of circles, there are plenty of lights top & bottom.   This one was sparkling at sundown in front of her red carpet.   While not circular in nature, this RV inspired 'bumpout 'is essential for summoning 'your peeps':   


If you need a great dose of excess, mark your calendars for the FLIBS!!  It was so much fun!!!

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